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Drunken Shitheads.. really?

Well, not really.. then what's up with the title?

It amuses me greatly why some people don't think in a simple way and complicate things for themselves. And I find it really pathetic the way they are insecure on how others might perceive them. I used to think people with these levels of insecurity are hard to find for real, at least in this generation. But I found myself confronted by such a girl lately. And with a sad note on the irony that education might provide academic excellence, but necessarily not broaden the mind.

About 3 months ago, one of my friends posted some crap on his blog. Though he claimed "the incidents mentioned in this post are real", his sarcasm shows up and once if we go through the post, its sounds creative and funny. It's definitely fiction, u can agree with me after reading the next sentence. That post was about me, telling a story on how I tried to impress one of my classmates and how she has fallen for me. There was also one supporting character on another friend. Well, the story can be nominated for the "best creative fiction" award. In that post, I was depicted as a joker (yes, like the slapstick joker we see in a circus) and my character had the burden to run entire comedy in the post. Her character was not properly etched (like in the way movie critics say) and there were hardly two sentences on her in the entire post. It wasn't even a lengthy story like this one and it barely had some meaning.

The story was not offensive for anyone; It never happened; No real names were taken and u can take my word on that. Also, the characters are loosely based on us. I think he wrote it as one of those funny conspiracy stories that encode names (as if for legal reasons.. ha ha). There wasn't even an indirect reference in the story to anyone (living or dead). Only the people who know all the four of us can realize the humor from those characters. However, I cannot provide the link of that post due to the below discussion.

My friend sent me the link after he posted it and asked my opinion. I read the post, laughed at it and told him he can get "most creative story of the year" award. Well, I was neither happy nor angry towards him for posting it; I was indifferent. Everything was fine until the girl sent a mail to him with I and the supporting character in Cc (She was much into the office mail protocol.. "To" and "Cc"). She abused all of us calling us drunken shitheads, wait wait.. lemme check that mail.. yeah.. stinkpots (like flower pots), douchebags (no comments.. I can't find a politically correct response) and bastards. I 'm stopping at this level of abuse here in this post. She demanded him to remove the post before "things get worse"

And then, the mail thread continued. My friend reacted in a strong way and told her he won't be removing it. She tried another trick, said "What would my parents think of me if they see the post?" I don't know why, but he removed the post after some time. I don't think he has fallen for the sentiment. 

So now, why did I really get astonished in this episode?

The first thing, it's his personal blog and he can write whatever he wants to. He didn't even take her name or made the story believable. Anyone with a head on their neck (I think she lacks it) can say the post is bullshit. It was more of like a bedtime story. 

I believe blogs, newspapers are the purest form of "freedom of expression" and the person who reads them has the "freedom of thought". These are like human rights; They make a person. No one can stop anyone from publishing a post; It's taking away the freedom of expression. What I say is that "It is up to the publisher himself to decide whether or not to post something". If he really thinks ppl might get hurt and even then wants to post, it's his call. No one can stop him; At the same time, it would be the reader's call whether to get hurt or not; No can stop him either.

Coming to the present context, she doesn't need to desperately read about herself on some third party's information of the post and get angry. Who asked her to read it? And who asked for her opinion? The story never happened in the first place. Only the people who can connect to all the four of us can understand on whom the characters are loosely based on. Many of my classmates asked my friend about the post and laughed at it. This laugh is not meant to demean her or insult her. It's just the laugh you get when you see the cartoon of some politician: a simple plain laugh. And on the flip side, I didn't get offended or angered, though he, in fact, made me the joker character. I took in the normal way: the simple way as anyone would take it.

And the second thing, the reason she told why she got offended "What would my parents think about me when they see the post". I cannot think of a dumber, more immature and childish reason. It is foolish of her if she made it up and it would be pathetic of her if she really thinks that way. Then, what would her parents think of her when they see her calling someone shithead, douchebag and bastard? Moreover, any parent would not form opinions on the child they raised based on some crap posted by someone who they don't even know.

So she thinks her parents form decisions impulsively on her? Or is she insecure on how others might think about her when they read it? Why should she make all that fuss and noise which was completely unnecessary in this context? She's not losing anything in this. Everyone who read the story and knew her won't take it seriously.

It's just that she showed us how childish, immature, insecure, desperate and pathetic she is. No offense, but she reacted in such a way as if she's in the center of the universe and every person, planet, satellite n star is reading the post and forming opinions on her and that she needs to make a statement on it

I'm not saying it's nothing wrong to post stories (fiction or non-fiction) on people in blogs. What I'm saying is that it's unnecessary to overreact for some bullshit posted on them in some crappy personal blog. If we think it's crap, why step on it and abuse the animal that laid it? It just shows how much fuss we are making on others when it's us who stepped on it in the first place. It's senseless. If it's bullshit, people who care for her won't buy the story. And if they really form opinions based on some blog or a tabloid, I think she doesn't need to care about such people.

You might ask me why I posted all this story if not to insult her or to make fuss about an unnecessary thing. Well, if I really wanted to insult, I would have no apprehension in taking names.  Neither I'm defending my friend who posted it. This is just a blogger's take on a self-centered person who made unnecessary fuss and overreacted about some crap posted partly based on her.

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Sai Prasad said...

I'd like to read the original blog post.... Link please....

Sarath Teja Somina said...

@Sai: It was removed after the mail thread episode.. we tried even the google cache.. no use.. :(

sam said...

Nice one dude.... :)

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