Wednesday, August 13

Do you know these amazing facts in Mathematics?

  • The Gudermannian function relates the regular and the hyperbolic trigonometric functions without the use of complex numbers?
  • The Catalan numbers solve a number of problems in such as the number of ways to completely parenthesize an algebraic expression with n+1 factors?
  • A sphere can be cut up and reassembled into two spheres the same size as the original?
  • It is impossible to devise a single formula involving only polynomials and radicals for solving an arbitrary quintic equation?
  • Euler found 59 more while for 2000 years, only 3 pairs had been found before him?
  • We cannot knot strings in 4-dimensions? We can, however, knot 2-dimensional like spheres.
  • There are 6 unsolved mathematics problems whose solutions will earn you one million US dollars each?
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