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Kismat Kumar @ ECE Dept, NITW

"Om Guruham Namaamyaham" --CBR, during the felicitation of Prof. JSR on da occasion of the latter's VRS

"I call my Ph.D guide on Sept 5 every year ma.. u guys dont have the courtesy to even wish ur teachers on Teacher's day" --KK (Dr.T.Kishore Kumar aka Kismat Kumar), on numerous occasions

Hmm.. dese guys really shud have deep respect n gratitude for their mentors coz.. hey c'mon i wont tell u dis time too.. dishonestly speaking, i really feel very bad to write such things on my Dept n my Coll (well.. if i really have dat 'college patriotism' i wont start writin dis stuff in the very first place).. So it really gives me loads of satisfaction to write abt dese ppl.. I used to think faculty at colleges like nitw ll be very motivated, intellectual, empowering, dexterous n.. (hey get a thesaurus n write da words for urself.. i m sick of usin dis Word Web software)

I wanna tell u some trivia.. u know how our proj guides r allotted.. first our ex-HOD Sarma allotted numbers to da proj batches n one of the students picked up a batch num by chits.. one of the guys in the correspondin batch wud come n pick up their proj guides name by chits again.. I picked up "Pappu's" students batch.. we escaped.. well KK was allotted to us n we cudn't know wheter to feel happy or sad or indifferent..

Frankly speakin i thought KK had some idea on Speech Processing which he claims as his area of interest n states dat he worked on speech processing wen he worked as a spy (ha ha.. i really doubt dis.. dis James Bond worked as a spy?? may be if he comes to know abt CIA he wud claim dat he worked for CIA) in PM's Cabinet Office in Telephone Dept.. but he doesnt even know why quantization is done (i m not makin dis up)

I thought not to give my opinions n speculations abt KK.. so here are some memorable excerpts from our batch (gunta, myself, jissin, u know who da other one is) meetings with KK.. dont try to get to opinions n speculations abt KK.. he wud be still far below ur "worst" opinion(not at all kiddin.. i have experienced dis)

#1. We had put a pen drive into KK's PC ( he has 400 MB free space in C drive and 3.5 GB free space in D drive.. dats da way he knows how to maintain a PC.. his desktop is flooded with ppts, folders, etc.. i dont think he knows dat files can be saved elsewhere other dan on desktop).. He put a virus scan on da pen drive(i wanna know who told him abt 'viruses' n 'antivirus').. well.. some trojan warning popped up as usual
KK: wat is dis ma.. u bring viruses into my pc.. see some Tarzan is comin
(dis is true.. he said 'Tarzan')
Another trojan warning popped up
KK: See ma.. another Tarzan..

#2. He asked us to collect some ppts on some Radar clutter n applications.. we dint wanna do dat work for him.. so we were askin how we wud get da ppts
KK: See ma.. u can get dem on the net.. i got dem thru Googly search
(i dont know if hez a hardcore fan of Anil Kumble or Shane Warne.. but he said 'googly')

#3. He was leavin for France (dats y we call him Kismat Kumar) n he wants to buy a laptop in Dubai airport (someone told dis cheap fellow dat laptops r cheaper in Dubai).. to get him more excited Jissin told him to ask the shop guy not to put genuine XP as it costs him a few more bucks..
Me: Sir, if u dont load OS den ask the shop guy for Drivers
(Now dont look at me like dat.. well its true dat ne one maintainin a pc will have the minimum common sense for gettin a driver cd.. read the next lines)
KK: Drivers for wat ma..?
If KV Sridar had been there he wud have said (read it as 'shouted') "Are u a fool to talk like dat?"
(The scene is not finished...) 

Me: (got shocked.. as u have got now) Well.. if u dont ask for XP while buying, u need to format it in the plane sir..
(dat poor sense of inference of my words is a result of dat shock.. ne way he ll stay in Dubai airport only for 2 hrs.. so i told him in dat way)
KK: (in "is it so?" kinda innocent way) Wat ma.. will dey ask me to format my laptop wen i get into the plane..?

The above place was intentionally left blank.. i could not get wat to write in it.. ne suggestions?? plz comment

Well.. though KK is exceptionally stupid technically, he has got lots of timing for jokes.. one good one i always liked.. this was in the DSP class (3rd year).. instead of 2nd minor he asked us to give seminar in batches of 2-3, our classmate Sridar (not da 'Shouting Star' one.. dis one is a student) hasn't got ne batchmate
KK: (to Sridar) why haven't u submitted a topic for da seminar ma..?
Sridar: (I dunno y he said dis) Sir, I m single..
(Well.. he meant dat he hasn't got ne batchmate.. now see how KK reacts)
KK: I m not askin ur personal problems ma..
( We all were in splits.. i bullied Sridar callin him 'Single Sridar' for some days)

I ll conclude tellin u how lucky our 'Kismat Kumar' is.. he toured Germany n Czech Republic last year on da credit of one of his student's paper.. he toured France for 2 months (is he not lucky?) on behalf of Tequip.. he told us he wud go to France again next year..

He is really 'Kismat Kumar'.. isnt he..?

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Anonymous said...

such an inspirin blog.. ;)
i feel like writing one..!

Anonymous said...

kk chusthe...chasthadu...

Anonymous said...

very nyc....i really liked it...:)

Sarath Teja Somina said...

@Above: Please state your name in ur comments so dat I can know who commented :)

Nagarjuna Rao Dustakar said...
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Anonymous said...

Another recent one....
Sumtym back....sumthng happend and smoke was coming from his monitor....he quickly ran to the dept office and asked them to bring bucket of water to prevent any accident....he came running and told his project students(who were in his room at that time),"Your marks are in this system,u'll loose them if monitor catches fire...."
Then the student replied...."Sir,it's just monitor anyway,the results will b ein memory which is in CPU...hence there will be no problem..."
He then replied...."Atleast a part of the results will be lost na ma...."
:O :O wth :O

Anonymous said...

Please comment about other ECE Dept. faculty. Your in opinion that KK is kismat Kumar. What about others. are others are not kk's. All of ECE faculty are Kismat Kumars/Kumaris.

Sarath Somina said...

@Above: I was able to interact with KK to a closer extent during our project sessions, so wrote about him. Honestly, I don't know much about other faculty members. I would be glad to see someone write about their personal experiences with our faculty :)

Anonymous said...

Hay guys,this is some thing every teacher should know about themselves atleast they should realize their pitfalls and c that they r not spoiling the bright future of the next generation,hence guys please do share about all of the NIT ECE staff members there good and bad,waiting for ur posts

rajesh chauudhary said...

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