Friday, April 9


This is really crazy.. I am not able to acknowledge the fact that I didn't post anything since October. Actually I posted one in November and my good friend Irfan advised me to delete it !! Not really a controversial one, it was regarding some soft-skill training I had at Oracle during my incubation. Any way, I deleted it within 2 hrs of posting. This shows how fast people were getting updated with my blog ;)

In fact, I almost forgot to update my blog.. Hail KAL (Korean Airlines) for keeping me busy. I think I got some kind of "Writer's block".. I always wanted to start writing on something, then I do this musing, musing and musing on that and finally end up reading wikipedia at odd hours like this. Then I started to realize I am really confused..  and the movie "Deconstructing Harry" made me worse.. I was successful in identifying myself with Woody Allen's character in that flick. Oh my God !!
Thanks to Arun, my classmate and colleague, I saw some link of his blog 3 days back and got inspiration to resume posting in mine.

The funniest thing is that, when I clicked on "new post" button now, I had this strange weird feeling.. its like telling sorry to your girlfriend when you came to know that she came to know that you had banged another chick who never came to know that you have a girlfriend.. Don't think I am sick or paranoid, but sorry my dear blog, forgive me for being unfaithful (!!) to you.. Oh my God.. wats this.. I gave some stupid comparison earlier and I am now asking forgiveness from a 'blog'.. I really need some medical help..

I think this genius(read as silly) movie "Leader" is the reason for my craziness at this moment.. what a sensible(read as senseless) film.. CM having a girl friend, meeting her daily for date, even proposing to her, and giving speeches in assembly.. this is the 4th film of Kammula I dint like(he made 4 films till now).. watching this film sacrificing the elixir of life(sleep) at this time is really sensible(read as senseless).. the only thing I liked in this film is the heroine.. Richa Gangopadhyay.. what a beautiful(read as beautiful) girl..

No musing to muse upon.. no topic to debate upon, my brain is now half-empty (read as half-filled).. I am feeling as if I am in metamorphosis since May 2009.. dunno when I would become a frog from this tad-pole avatar.. and speaking of avatar.. no.. we will talk about it some other time..

See how I am drifting from one topic to another.. if I dont stop now, I might end up reading wikipedia till 5 am.. so good night.. Subha ratri.. Shabba Khair.. hmm.. I think I will read about KBC in wikipedia now.. then Amitab may be..

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