Tuesday, March 8

International women's day

On this international women's day, I think it is blatantly superficial to just wish women around us and let it be. Of course I am thankful to all the women in my life - from my mother, sister, teachers to friends and colleagues.
Along with that, a few thoughts:

Where young boys are not programmed to refer women as maal,
Where society doesn't make women flag-bearers of family honor,
Where rape culture is not normalized by silencing and shaming the victims,
Where jokes objectifying women are not considered funny,
Where religions that discriminate women become irrelevant,
Where everyday sexism is routinely called out,
Where those who are proud of not being feminists are non-existent,
Into that modern society with free thought,
Into that culture of parity may my country awake!

I hope we achieve this in our lifetimes for a better society :)

1 comment:

Poojya said...

Your respect for women is blatant in your articles. Appreciate your thoughts.