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The Palmist effect

OMG it's been two months since I posted on my blog. In fact I couldn't select a topic to write. It's like there are so many items on the menu and I'm pondering over each dish forgetting that at EOD, eating is all about pacifying hunger. So I was enlightened in a restaurant 2 days ago and here I am, back with some "stuff" to post.

The first time I read a book on palmistry was when I finished my intermediate and was writing these engg entrance exams, one after the other. I happened to find one "Palmistry for beginners" book at my aunt's house and I went through it, without contributing much memory to it. Actually, I was trying to read my hand based on the book and I couldn't find many lines on my hand to get a proper reading (For eg., my destiny line wasn't properly developed back then). Well, I don't remember much about the self-reading I did that time.

In my engg final year, I happened to read that book again during one of my Weekend+Monday visits to hyd. This time, I went through the book pretty seriously and I even prepared a notes on the important points and some illustrations (I still wonder what made me do that). After this somewhat serious reading, I took a self-reading and astonishingly found some points, which I thought were uncommon in people, matching close to my personality. And when I returned to college, I started reading others' hands just to check the correctness of palmistry. I've been with this habit of accepting many things only after a satisfactory first-hand verification since my schooling days.

My experience in reading others' palms in college was exciting, memorable and amazing. I was rather surprised at the level of enthusiasm people show to get a reading. And they found the readings strikingly close to their personality (I call these "hits") and this encouraged me to read other books like Cheiro palmistry to get a better understanding on the subject. I've been developing palmistry more like a hobby since then and I still give readings if someone asks.

Coming to the topic, I observed some points while I was reading others' hands. One is that people try to think about even the most general of predictions as specifically tailor-made to themselves. For eg., If I tell someone "You have good intuitive power", they talk about it positively and lo, I have a "hit". In fact, I told many people that they have good intuitive power, which is an attribute found in everyone. Everyone has intuitive power, and the "goodness" of this intuitive power is entirely subjective. Everyone thinks they have "good intuitive power"  and that they have a hunch in discovering hunches. That's the reason why we have lot of gossiping and conspiracies on every other damn thing around us. 

Other good examples for this general-but-misleading lines are "You are a cautious person" (Everyone is cautious), "You are independent" (Everyone is a mixture of dependent and independent nature), "Your family has effect on you in choosing your career" (90% of people in India have this situation). All these lines become "hits" for the palmist for obvious reasons.

Another thing is that people accept some things which they really don't know if they have those or not. For eg., If I say something like "You have difficulty in choosing friends"; Even though the other person is not sure whether he has that difficulty in choosing friends, he doesn't really find it difficult to recall some goddamn incident in his life where a friend pissed him off real bad. And now, since he recalled it successfully, he nods and the palmist has another "hit". To be honest, we really don't know about ourselves deep within and we would become saints or god-men if we really knew properly about ourselves.  So, after a considerable number of general-prediction "hits" from the palmist, the other person starts doing this ignorant "hit-giving" business.

Well, the lines given by the palmist like "You have a good intuitive power", "You have difficulty in choosing friends", etc., are not supposed to manipulate the person taking the reading. In fact, some lines on the palm actually refer to those qualities. These references are so obviously general but on the contrary, the other person deludes himself thinking they are specific to him. When I look at my hand now and try to decode the lines, I see myself laughing at the generality of the reading.

All this stuff I discussed now is only from my observations while giving readings. I validate these observations whenever I read a hand and every time they fall right in place. I find this "Palmist effect" so amazing that I sometimes wonder why people even bother to get a reading of their hands just to delude themselves.

It's really a weird world we live in !!

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Chaitanya said...

Well.. at least with me, you got more than one 'hit' :)
good luck!!

Sarath Teja Somina said...


Anonymous said...

It would have been a little more informative if you had mentioned the Forer effect :)

They've got a name for every god damn observation we are ever going to make ;)


Sarath Teja Somina said...

@Irfan: Yes, I know about Forer effect. It's a valid theory and was verified in many surveys. I posted the things I observed first-hand not taking spooky names (spooky for the readers) for those effects :)

nivedhitha reddy said...

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Anonymous said...

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